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What is the Upper Body Workout for Beginners?


Are you finding ways to lose upper body weight? If yes, then you need to figure out the outline and style of the exercise for it. Having a heavy weight on the upper body is one of the biggest problems for everyone nowadays. However, there are many reasons for gaining upper body weight, but you can’t depend on one basis. Hormonal changes and stress are the leading cause of upper body weight.

On the other side, various people are there that don’t compromise on minor weight gaining. They try to quickly rush to the gym to look good by losing weight. If you are one of them and facing the same trouble, read this article till the end because we will discuss some essential points and ways of workout to help you shape your upper body.

What Are the Causes of the Upper Body Weight?

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Some people have an abnormal routine for consuming food, or they don’t set time for their daily meals. Moreover, the high intake of junk food and soft drinks can also be the reason for gaining upper body weight. Besides this, disturbance of the mental health condition, for instance, stress, depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts, impart a significant role. Besides this, the busy schedule becomes the main hurdle for their weight loss purpose. But now it can be easy for such people to use the Wellyx gym management software. These types of cloud-based technology have multiple options for fitness enthusiasts and members. From managing the appointment to the online classes, this software covers all.

What Are the Causes of the Upper Body Weight

However, the sudden fluctuations in the body affect weight as well. It is a highly ordinary thing to gain weight with time. Even if a person suddenly gains body weight in a short time. Then they must be feeling something wrong about their health. On the other side, women often face sudden weight gain when they deal with the following:

  • Consuming more unhealthy food.
  • High intake of fried food.
  • Disturbance of the menstrual cycle.
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Menopause
  • Lack of sleep and physical activity.

Though these reasons are common, they are alarming.

How to Lose Upper Body Weight?

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If you are a beginner and want to get rid of the heavyweight, then you search the ways to reduce your weight. You need to follow these workouts to get relief from the bulky body quickly. Here are some of the exercises for beginners and their benefits:

1- Lat Pull Down


Sounds odd? Yes, pull-ups are excellent and essential for the body, and it is one of the best exercises for fitness enthusiast. But being a beginner is not easy for you to start your workouts with push-ups. It is a fact that pulling down is way far easy for new people. So, becoming a pro and getting proper professional training is better.

Moreover, you can see at your gym that most people try to use heavyweight at the early stages. But they should start their workout with light weightlifting. Conversely, expert and professional trainers advise you to keep your upper body workout too soft. Additionally, don’t try to feel the pressure of losing upper body weight. You will slowly achieve your goal, but for this, you don’t need to compete with anyone because everyone has different body mechanisms and structures.

How to Do It?

The mechanism of this workout is tremendously excellent and easy because you’ll not feel any burden on you. While doing the pull-down movement, your hand must be more comprehensive than your shoulders’ width. Even try to keep your activity slow when you pull the bars down. By doing this, you can reduce the chances of momentum. Then try to pull the bars near your chin and the upper chest. Always keep your chest up and tag your shoulders back and down. Squash your back, then bring your back to the position’s top. Moreover, your arms will want stability, so your fitness trainer advises you to keep your exercise light at the beginning so that you can focus on the lats and pay less attention to your arms.


The main advantage of this type of workout is that:

  • It is one of the best and most excellent ways to lose upper body weight.
  • Also, beginners can perform this task amazingly.
  • The pull-down exercise is an excellent auxiliary for the chin-ups. Moreover, it is suitable for those who have difficulty doing regular exercise.
  • The pressure of the pull-down is the same as the pressure of the pull-ups to some extent.
  • You can use your hips, flexors, and abdomen during this workout.
  • According to recent research, the pull-down workout ten times helps for reducing the abdomen muscles.
  • On the other side, the pull-down workout benefits sportspersons, including athletes.
  • Furthermore, it is also suitable for swimmers, gymnastics, wrestlers, and cross-country skiers.

Pro Tips:

  • Try to keep excellent and balanced control. Also, don’t push yourself back when you are pulling down.
  • To avoid the risks of injuries, try to keep your back straight. Because having the arch or round shape during the pull-down can damage your back.
  • You can even try a lower weight if you cannot maintain the neutral spine in a form.

2- Bench Press

Do you want to add more muscles to your chest? Then it would be best if you did the bench press workout because it is a good way of doing it. It is a chest exercise for enhancing or losing the muscles in the body simultaneously. The mechanism of this workout is simple, but it uniquely helps you. If you get help from the fitness expert, he will better explain how or where you should start it. Besides, you cannot do this workout at home because you need expert instructions. Many people make the mistake of trying to perform this exercise at home, and in return, they get bad results. On the flip side, they follow some fitness channels on YouTube and try to copy them. Always remember that you need a pro to start this kind of workout on your own.


Ways to Do

The mechanism is straightforward, and you’ll find it soothing when you start this.

  • Sit on the bench and make your body calm or relaxed.
  • Your feet must be placed on the ground firmly.
  • Then try to keep the slightest arch on your back.
  • Now slowly grab the bar according to your shoulder’s width.
  • Keep your arms in the vertical position on the floor.

You can reduce the chances of injury or any other flaws in your body; if you follow the complete instructions. Without getting full instructions from your trainers will lead you to dire circumstances.


  • It is a compound exercise that includes the pectoralis major of the chest. It is the position of the anterior deltoids that place in the shoulders. It also incorporates an upper arm that contains the triceps brachii.
  • Moreover, the bench press exercise helps strengthen and grow the muscles in the chest.
  • The desire to enhance the chest muscles is not only for the bodybuilders; an average person can also get through this workout.
  • It is suitable for almost all ages because our body mass declines over time.
  • The bench press routine can help you a lot in making your daily life activities simple and easy.
  • Also, the bench press workout is helpful for athletes who use their continuous muscles’ energy.


Pro Tips

  • Always ensure that the distance between you and the bar is a little longer.
  • Moreover, your hand’s grip should be firm.
  • The incorrect thumb position will lead you to heavy or dire circumstances.
  • Don’t push your head on the bench. Try to keep the pressure on your arms and your shoulders.

3- Overhead Press

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning for an extreme gym workout or wants to get back the flexibility of your back. You have to keep your muscle position and conditions sound. Because having good muscles can help you in making your daily routine easy and active. For example, if you want to dish up the highest cabinet in your house, your muscles will use force. The overhead press workout determines the maintenance of the upper body shape. It is also known as the shoulder press, which incorporates the overall exercise routine of a person.


How to Do?

Not every exercise we do is easy, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort and struggle. Moreover, if you want to do a heavyweight exercise to lose upper body weight, you must understand its functions. Many people make mistakes that they direct rush to the gym without getting the proper information about the workout. On the other side, the professional fitness trainer will explain the complete scenario of the overhead press movements, which is tremendously simple. The entire resistance of the overhead press applies to your head. Even it has multiple ways to start this workout:

  • You can use both hands at the same and in the same position.
  • On the other side, this workout is also applicable by hand.
  • Even a single barbell requires force or struggle with both hands.
  • So that you can hold one free weight with each hand.


Workouts like the overhead press have multiple benefits that become part of your routine, for instance:

  • It helps you in strengthen your shoulder muscles and increases their size.
  • Also, it is suitable for tuning the muscle’s strength and size.
  • The overhead press workout benefits your abdominal muscles and incorporates the lower back.
  • Besides this, it stabilizes the spine when you stand straight while performing this exercise.
  • It has almost the same workout process as the bench press.


Pro Tips

  • You must keep your entire body stiff and lift your arms overhead slowly.
  • You should stop this workout if you can’t quickly line up your arms with your ears.
  • Even you can avoid using dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells for this workout.
  • Besides this, your body needs to stable the mobility of the shoulders.

4- Triceps Extensions

The triceps extension is an upper arms exercise often known as the welcome to the gun show. Most people demand such workouts after the bicep pumps, but it rarely happens. The triceps extension is an extreme workout for controlling the elbow muscles. Even the triceps brachii is generally a three-headed muscle with two significant actions. The first action is the straightening of the elbow and the second one is the pulling of the arm downside. The pulling position of the arms includes the overhead or the front side of the body, including the shoulder extension. According to research, the triceps workout also stabilizes the shoulder joints.


How to Do?

Dumbbells and kettlebells are the most common way of performing this type of workout for the upper body. Even you can use the dumbbells while sitting or standing, depending on your choice. With both hands, you must hold the weight above the head and the dumbbells. Moreover, the same process goes for this kind of workout for the kettlebell. Now, move your elbow slowly down and keep the weight low behind your head as much as possible.

Furthermore, try to keep engaged your core and trunk upright and the weight trail your spine. Repeat the process, slightly straighten your elbow, and then spread the weight overhead. You can use the complete spread positions for a moment and repeat the process while keeping the process slow.


  • Making a routine of this workout can increase your stamina, and you can quickly lose the extra muscles from the upper arms.
  • The wide variety of these triceps extensions, e.g., lying, standing, or sitting makes the person comfortable.
  • It helps reduce the extra muscles in the upper arms and increases the joint’s flexibility.
  • This workout is good for you if you want to build or reshape your upper posterior arms.
  • According to the research, the triceps routine enhances the body’s flexibility and makes daily tasks easy.


Pro Tips

  • Don’t try to do this weightlifting in the bending position of your body because it is only for standing, lying, or sitting position.
  • Keep your body stiff and try to focus on your weight.
  • Also, if you are a beginner and find difficulty performing this exercise while standing, you can do it while lying or sitting on a bench.

5- Biceps Curl

This is the highly regular weightlifting for losing upper body weight for beginners that works for the muscles’ arms. It is lesser extended for the lower arms. If you want quick results in your appearance and body strength, do the biceps curl. This type of exercise is divided into multiple variations, including various gym equipment. This equipment incorporates dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, resistance bands, and other cable machines. Even the starting process is straightforward, so you can start this weightlifting while standing and changing the position of the curls. Not only this, but you can perform this exercise at home or the gym wherever you want. This biceps curl is a prevalent exercise that is often referred to for upper-body strength.


How to Do?

The process of the biceps curl is straightforward and flexible;

  • You need to select a weight size that you can lift for almost 10 minutes in good form.
  • Suppose you are a beginner recovering from injuries or resuming exercise after a long-time. Then you can use the weight of 2 pounds.
  • Furthermore, standing firmly on your feet and engaging your abdominal muscles will become easy for you to perform it.
  • Hold each dumbbell in both hands and keep your arms relaxed and calm. Your hand palms should face the downward direction.
  • Dumbbells can approach your shoulders by keeping your upper arms in a stable position, your shoulder relaxed, and your elbow on the bending side.
  • Keep your elbow near your ribs and exhale during the weightlifting.
  • You can lower the weight at the initial position.
  • If you are a beginner, then do 5-6 curls.


Here are some of the benefits of the biceps curls for losing weight in the upper body:

  • The purpose of the curls is to lose the extra fat from your upper arms, and it also works for the lower arms muscles.
  • It is designed for the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles that every human uses for any activity.
  • Even these curls can make your daily life activity fast and active for a long time.
  • The standing arm curls can increase the strength of your upper arms, and you can use your arms correctly.


Pro Tips

  • Being a beginner, it can be harmful to your upper body to be fast in this exercise.
  • If you don’t keep your elbow in the wrong position, you can get injured in that area.
  • You can change the position for performing this exercise after some time.

Wrapping it Up

The upper body becomes reprehensible for various people, and people feel shame when others discuss their problems. However, some people do multiple exercises to reduce these situations. Still, people often prefer to go to the gym to perform better under the better instructions of their fitness coach.

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