What Exercise Should Be Performed First?

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Are you new to the gym and don’t know what to do? Or Is exercise roaming in your mind? Going to the gym exercise means you are ready to exercise. There are a lot of activities, and every movement is for a different purpose. Are your muscles in a traffic jam? Don’t worry, as Training will resume blood flow in your muscles.

Have you ever seen a gas tank? Your muscles are like the gas tank; the more you put energy in them, the more it goes. Thus, hitting muscles for exercise is relatively easy. Are you fighting some chronic pains? This exercise routine attacks your muscles and will help you fight many diseases.

Cardio or pushups? The bunch of exercises in the gym will confuse you about where to start. Before starting any workout, let’s schedule it for your ease.

Does Exercise Order Matter in a Workout?


Can you perform a free weight exercise before cardio? No, because it’s not the order of the gym exercise. Do you know what the exact order of a gym workout is? Then keep it in your knowledge before doing any activity.

Have you ever put icing without cake? No, because icing will come if the cake exists as it is for cake. Similarly, you can’t do any pushups or heavyweight exercises without cardio. It will let you to broad shoulders. For example, don’t go for weight lifting if you are up to improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Do you desire to gain weight? Choose the weight lifting exercise except for any other set. Hence, the order of a workout is necessary. If you never follow the schedule, you may never get the desired results.

How to Plan a Gym Workout?


Oh! I should go for this exercise or probably for that. These are the voices you will mostly hear in the gym. It’s because most people in the gym exercise are beginners, and they don’t know anything about Training. Have you ever heard that planning makes everything perfect?

It’s what you have to do after joining a gym. The order in which you exercise matters because it will impact your body. Thus, planning a workout is more challenging than performing it. Now, the question comes of how you can schedule this workout.

No worries, as the gyms are here to help you. If it’s the workout of muscles, then always exercise bigger muscles first. It’s because larger muscles require more stamina as compared to smaller muscles. The free weight will come first if it’s the session of free weight, body weight, and weight machines.

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Let’s observe a short schedule of some exercises:

  • Shoulders will be the first in this exercise set
  • Triceps and chest exercises will come after this
  • If you are willing to do glutes, hams, or quads, then do the leg exercise first

Is Cardio a Good Start for Beginners?


Do you want to look fresh before starting an exercise? Do cardio because it will improve blood circulation and prepare you for activity. Why do people say that they do cardio before weight training? Before any heavy exercise, a low to moderate Warmup of 10-12 minutes is necessary.

Yes, a treadmill or elliptical machine will help you do cardio. A beginner should perform cardio to normalize his body before any exercise set. Are you lifting dumbbells and looking exhausted? It is not done as you have to look active for doing any weight lifting exercise. This will help you to get bigger butts.

Want to do a lengthier aerobic exercise? Just walk on the treadmill and warm your body for all strength training exercises. Research proves that walking on a treadmill will prepare people to perform all types of strength training.

Are you preparing for a marathon race? Start with cardio and increase your aerobic endurance. Ask your trainer if you are a beginner, and never go to a high-intensity workout first. It will drain your body, so you should consult your gym exercise invigilator before performing any activity.

What are the Phases of the Workout Schedule?

Planning a workout session and don’t know its phases? Before starting an exercise, a workout schedule is essential. Similarly, before planning a schedule, remember the workout phases. Here you can see all the possible steps of the workout schedule:

1- Doing Warmup


Want to increase your heart rate? A warmup before any exercise is the key to gaining stamina for it. Have you ever seen a string along with a ball? This connection will help people to regulate the clock movement. Similarly, the Warmup has a relationship with other exercises.

The Warmup will connect your mind and body. Add it to your workout schedule for better results. Do you ever walk on a road? Walking on a treadmill is similar to a road walk. Don’t walk at the same speed. Try to increase the speed while walking after 3-4 minutes.

Are you thinking about how this Warmup can help? Here is the answer below to why you should have a warmup before performing an exercise:

  • It helps in body functioning by improving blood circulation
  • Protects against any disease
  • Raises the temperature of body muscles
  • Helps to focus on Training

This Warmup is necessary for almost all gym exercises. The exercises like hip hinge, squat, and all other strength training will require a warmup session.

2- Stretching


Are you willing to raise your range of motion? Just stretch your body by taking different exercise classes in the gym. If you are trying to lose your body weight, do a stretching exercise session before. It will help you to focus on some particular muscles.

Want to lift some weight? This weight lifting will affect the muscles on the shoulders and arms. Have you tried stretching before aerobic exercises? It will target every section of your body, which means it will target all muscles.

You can’t organize a workout without stretching exercises. No matter whether you perform dynamic or static stretching, it will be a help for you. You can further try active and passive stretching to do the exercise correctly.

3- Cardio Or Aerobics


Do you like hopping from a skipping rope? This type of exercise never requires any equipment. If you want to exercise without equipment, go for aerobics. However, choose the elliptical machine if you still need to use the equipment.

Dancing is also aerobic, in which no equipment is necessary. Have you ever climbed stairs? It’s also a kind of aerobic exercise that you perform daily. You can’t miss these high-intensity workouts while planning a workout routine.

Some more high-intensity exercises like squats, lunges and jumping jacks will come after cardio. Therefore, order matters even in aerobics. You can’t do jumping jacks before using the elliptical machine.

4- Resistance Training


You can’t fight in every situation; sometimes, you must endure it. Similarly, resistance training is to take. Have you listened to about muscle deuteriation? Everyone’s muscles increase with an increase in their age. The important thing is some people need to tone their muscles.

Human muscles need endurance. Do you want a two-in-one exercise? Resistance training not only strengthens your muscles but will also help you in weight loss. Try to add this Training to your latest workout schedule.

Pushups are the most prominent example of a resistance exercise. Pushing your body up and down seems easy, but it will teach you to gain stamina. While doing pushups, you have to manage the weight of your body. The same case is with a plank.

In a plank, all of your body weight is on your arms. Your trainer will count the total time you stay in the same position. You can find multiple resistance training exercises that will teach you how to bear something.

5- Static Stretching

Are you feeling a tightness in your muscles? It’s because of exercise. The primary reason behind this is the blockage of oxygen. When human muscles get stretched, then their blood circulation may stop. The same Training will improve blood circulation if exercise stretches the muscles.

Is your restoration process not working? An exercise will kickstart the restoration process in humans. You need to hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds. This will deliver fresh circulation to your body.

6- Cooling Off

Do you like walking? Cooling off is like a morning walk of 3-4 minutes after a workout. Have you ever heard about a closure? Cooling off is a closure of all your activity. Have you ever driven a car? You will see different speed breakers on the road to reduce the car’s speed.

If you need to stop the car, you must start reducing its speed 4-5 minutes before. Similarly, cooling off will cool down your muscles. This will help you to end up your workout.

Concluding Point:

Doing a workout seems easy, but it’s a challenge. Most people get confused about their selection of workouts. Some people need to know which exercise they should perform first. The solution is to mix exercise-like ingredients while making a recipe.

If you blend different exercises, then you will receive better results. Every human body needs to do further exercise. The selection of Training depends on the body structure of people. Always go for exercise sets instead of a single workout. Don’t forget to order your exercise.

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