Lose Up To 1 Pound in A Week with Zumba Dance for Weight Loss!

Lose Up To 1 Pound in A Week with Zumba Dance for Weight Loss!

Don’t be sick of going to the gym and doing so heavy workouts. When there are easy ways to lose the heavy amount of calories along with enjoying it too. Zumba Dance workout is a complete package of high energy, pumping music, and fun dance moves. So, you can now consume calories without any tension as you have an easy way to burn them. But how much will be able to burn with Zumba dance? The most wonderful fact about the Zumba Dance workout is that you can burn about 300 to 900 calories in one hour. Just performing Zumba dance about two to three times a week, can aid you to meet your weight loss goals.

Here you can explore how does Zumba dance workout burn so many calories, how can you try out these dance moves, and all about it.

Burn Calories with Zumba Dance:

According to a study, which included 19 healthy female Zumba participants between the age factor of 18 to 22 were able to burn an average of 9.5 calories per minute. If we sum up a rough calculation, then an average of 369 calories burned I work out of 40 minutes. Meanwhile, this is the same number of calories burned when time is spent in kickboxing, step aerobics, or power yoga.

However, the number of calories burned during Zumba Dance for weight loss workout depends on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • The present level of physical fitness
  • Intensity while workout
  • Genetics

You can also use a heart rate detector while workout. In this way, you can increase the number of calories being burned in Zumba and decide the intensity of the workout accordingly. With Zumba dance, you would be able to maintain your heart rate.

If you want to increase more the calories burning rate then you can try High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Zumba as well. However, when you are on Zumba dance workouts, you’re required to consume enough calories and healthy balanced vitamins nutrients to be good enough energy.

Lose Weight with Zumba Dance:

How often you’re required to participate in Zumba dance verily depends upon your health capacity and fitness goals. However, the idealistic Zumba dance for weight loss is recommended to work burning 300 to 400 calories in each workout session. And this workout should be carried out at least three days a week.

How can you set the balance between diet and workout? Zumba Dance will assist you to keep yourself healthy and losing calories. According to Mayo Clinic, a pound of fat contains about 3500 calories, so you need to burn about 3500 calories to lose one pound.

Facts to Ponder Upon for Weight Loss with Zumba:

Whether it’s a Zumba dance workout or any other workout plan for losing weight, you need to maintain a healthy diet along with all the workout plans.

  • Omit junky food, and fill your plate with whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, and oats.
  • Abstain from empty carbohydrates like bread, cookies, cakes, and pasta.
  • Increase the intake of lean proteins such as chicken, fish, egg white, and seafood.
  • Consume natural vitamins from fruits and vegetables in every meal.
  • Don’t just eat a lot in a single meal; try consuming healthy food every three hours which will keep energy boosted all the time.

Benefits of Zumba Dance:

Everyone feels some kind of exercise to enjoy in their everyday routine. Furthermore, it’s guaranteed if you enjoy the Zumba workout, then you’re going to attend it each week. Thus, there are also many other potential benefits you enjoy through Zumba:

  • Core sections of the body get more strength
  • Body parts from hips and midsection movements become more flexible
  • Aerobic Exercise boosts the heart health
  • Improves coordination in dance moves
  • Boosts up your mood
  • Increases your energy level

Moreover, it’s advice to your doctor before starting any kind of new fitness routine and diet. You need to stick to the fitness routine that suits your body’s health. To get more effective results you can combine Zumba training with a healthy diet. So, now workout instructions are quite easy in any part of the world.  You get assistance from professional instructors about the routine that would suit your health and body. Just by installing some simple applications on your mobile, you can get back to your fitness routine. Also, to lose weight with Zumba Dance, you’ll be strengthening your immune system.

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