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Explosive Hip Hinge Exercises and Benefits You Need to Know

hip hinge exercises

Exercise is the most fundamental part of your life. It keeps you mentally and physically strong, and you can focus better on your work. Different people have different perspectives regarding health and fitness. They adopt other fitness technologies and join fitness centers where they adopt fitness challenges to achieve their desired goals. Workouts can also help to reduce your stress and provide you with strength and fitness. Like other workout techniques, the hip hinge exercise is the most effective because it strengthens your hip and back muscles. This is the most effective exercise as many people have weak hips and back muscles. The hip hinge technique improves muscle strength and performance and minimizes injury during exercise.

In addition, a hip hinge workout is convenient and effective because it activates all your body’s muscles and improves your physical health. Your hips and their hinges help you a lot in your movement and walking. Even a minor injury can damage you a lot and can affect your lower back and spine as well.

Hip Hinge Exercise and Muscle Strength:

Are you still confused about the hip hinge workout? I can explain more to you in simple words. The hip hinge exercise is simply bending down and lifting some weight from the ground. Whether it’s a barbell, dumbbell, or even a pencil that you have dropped, you bend down to pick them up. This involves your hip and back muscles. Bending down and picking up some stuff from the ground makes your muscles strong and active.

Hip Hinge Exercise

Moreover, it looks as simple as picking anything from the ground, but it can be challenging to do with the correct posture. A proper hip hinge workout involves minimal knee movement, enabling you to lift more weight. When doing this exercise, bend at the knees, keep your back straight, and lean forward by pushing your hips backward. You will feel a stretch on your back and hips muscles and feel power around the portion of your hips. It makes your glutes move significantly.

Furthermore, the hip hinge activates these two muscles as they pull around your pelvic bone. This workout is helpful in many other exercise techniques like yoga, cardio, strengthening exercises, and even in your life routines, e.g., lifting your toddlers. This can provide you with spinal strength and activeness.

Why is proper training necessary for Hinge Workout?

Every exercise needs proper practice if you want to avoid any injuries or dislocation. This can be extremely dangerous because it involves heavyweights, and they affect your body’s sensitive parts. Further, a Hip stability workout involves your back and spine in the exercise and can cause severe damage if not taken correctly.

proper training necessary for Hinge Workout

So, it is highly recommended to test the river’s depth with both feet. You have to practice first, or you can hire a professional and experienced group fitness trainer for your workout. They are experienced and certified and can teach you the exact technique and proper posture for your hip hinge workout. It is essential to warm up to improve muscle stability and strength.

Warmup Before Exercise:

Exercise improves your strength and stability and keeps you motivated and young. Hip hinges also enhance strength and posture and help mobilize your hip muscles and spine. But you are stretching and warming up your muscle before a hinge workout is essential. Moreover, if you are new to the gym and working out, you must warm up and practice before doing any new exercise or lifting any weight.

Warmup Before Exercise

No one will wish to endure more stretch and weight beyond strength and flexibility. These exercises are painful and could be uncomfortable for you initially, but experiencing new techniques and body positions can have numerous benefits when considering your spinal health and strength. This can be beneficial when you think about getting older.

Hip-Hinge Exercises That You Can Do?

There are different effective hip hinge techniques that you can follow for your body strength and activeness. We will discuss these techniques one by one in the below article.

1. Kettlebell Swing:

This is the most common equipment you can use for your hip hinges. The kettlebell will help you to gain strength for your backbone and muscles in your posterior chain. This equipment focuses on your glutes and implements the main force. Using kettlebell equipment, you can add mass to your glutes due to the technicality of the kettlebell.

Kettlebell Swing

Furthermore, to do this exercise, align your feet shoulder-width apart, and make a pose of the hip hinge as you start to pick up the kettlebell. During this posture, keep your back straight and bend your knees slightly. You can use your glutes until you are not bending your knees. Now grab the kettlebell from both of its horns, lift it, and keep it beneath your belly button and between your hips.

2. Kettlebell Twists:

This kettlebell exercise can be modified into a kettlebell-twisting hip hinge. You can change your hip hinge workout by simply twisting left or right as you move downward. This will help keep your posture straight and strengthen your back muscles. Your opposite side leg of the twist will face more of a bend than the leg on the side of the twisting.

Kettlebell Twists

3. Resistance Band Hinge:

This is another type of equipment that is effective in hip hinge exercise. This can help you to strengthen your muscles and improves flexibility. This exercise technique is helpful in other upper-body workouts, improves hip mobility, and strengthens muscles.

Resistance Band Hinge

How to Do Hip Thrusts the Right Way?

The hip hinge is a simple and easy exercise you can do in various ways. This exercise can keep you active and make you stronger in every phase of your life, and you can live a healthy lifestyle. You can also do hip thrust in different ways, which include:

  • Use any elevated surface like a bench or a rack and put your back on this high surface. Now bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Remember that only your shoulder blade will be on the bench or the elevated surface, and your feet should be wide open as your shoulders. Moreover, you can place your elbows on the bench. Then push your heels until your legs make a level of 90 degrees.

How Can You Add Hip Hinge to Your Daily Workout Routine?

The hip hinge is an effective and popular exercise with several benefits, as it provides strength and flexibility. You can add hip thrust in your daily full-body workout or when you have a legs workout day specifically. You must rest while performing hip thrusts with other leg workouts like squats and deadlifts. This will give you and your legs enough rest during a workout session. You must ensure that you have taken a warmup exercise before starting strength training. You should start your exercise with 10-to-15-minute moderate yoga, cardio, or some stretching workout.

What Are the Common Mistakes That You Do While Hip-Hinge Workout?

These are the few common mistakes in hinge workouts that you usually make when you start this exercise. These are:

Common Mistakes That You Do While Hip-Hinge

1. Incomplete Motion:

One common mistake is the incomplete range of motion and you are not following the proper exercise technique. Like you won’t be able to activate your glute when you have stopped short of the thighs parallel. You can posture correctly by aiming at a 90-degree angle with your legs.

2. Incorrect Feet Placement:

The exercise outcome only depends on when your posture and placement are correct, and you focus on the proper exercise technique. When placing your feet too far forward, you may feel more hip thrust in your hamstring. You must focus on your feet placement if you want to feel hip thrust exactly in your glute.

3. Lower Back Isn’t Place Accurate:

Sometimes your lower back isn’t placed well, and you cannot activate your glute properly. Sometimes, your ribs are up, and your lower back is arched at the start of stretching. As a result, you won’t be able to extend your hips for glute activation fully. For a proper outcome, make sure that your ribs are down and your lower back is in a neutral position to achieve full extension of your hips.

Can You Add Weight to Your Hip Stability Workout?

You can try different effective ways to get maximum output from your hip hinge workout. One of the most effective workout drills is that you can add weight in your hinge stability workout only when convenient with this exercise technique, and it becomes easy.

You can further add:

  • Try yoga mats or soft pads and gently place a dumbbell or a weighted plate on your hip bones during thrust.
  • You can also use a barbell and do your workout to achieve the best results.
  • You can use a hip thrust bench, a specific type of bench that allows you to hip thrust with a barbell.


You can get impressive and effective results if you do these hip stability hinge workouts correctly. Combining these practical exercises in your daily workout can also be a vital factor in your bodybuilding and keep you physically and mentally strong. Gyms and fitness centers use fitness software to track your daily progress and other business-related tasks. You can experience more effective results if you can avail the facility of a professional trainer in the gym. Your trainer will be able to help you to use the proper equipment and posture for an effective and impressive outcome.

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