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10 Types of People at the Gym

types of people in the gym

One of the most exciting places you visit is gyms or fitness studios. Maybe you won’t believe that the expected turnover of the gym industry will be $147.11 billion by 2024. This expectancy is forcing gym owners to introduce various classes in their gyms. Because of this, they draw a mix of people to work out in their facility. Everyone who joins a fitness center has his motivation and goals. As a manager or owner, you come in contact with various kinds of members. Some of them can be social butterflies or sweat machines. So, do you have any idea of marketing your business to such a diverse audience?

Identify Target Audience to Promote Fitness Business

First, be clear that the term “target audience” doesn’t involve a market study. Because the term “target market” refers to it. Furthermore, it is a part of a fitness marketing strategy for starting a new gym. So, the term “target audience” refers to the group of people whom you want to target through marketing. These are the individuals who can respond positively to your marketing efforts.

Your target audience may or may not be the end-users of your services. But for sure, they are the people you want to attract to your fitness business.

How Can You Capture Potential Audience?

To capture them, it’s essential to study them. For that purpose, the compilation of the client’s data is a necessity. If you want to make this process speedy, seek the help of fitness software. It gives you a thorough insight into your customer’s preferences. This information results in better marketing strategy development. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand why gym management software is essential for gym owners.

Why Promotion of A Gym Business Is A Necessity:


Regardless of the services you are offering, ultimately, you are a part of the education business. You must consistently inform your customers about the advantages of being with you. Introduce your services and also highlight how they are beneficial. Seek the help of trainers to make the fitness journey of members easier. It’s essential to ensure that clients enjoy a never-ending impact on their lives. Only if they stick with you to continue their fitness journey.

You will ultimately positively impact the bottom line if you successfully do so. No fitness business owner wants to miss this kind of reward.

Kinds Of People at Gym and How Can You Promote Business to Them?

Promote Business

To determine your target audience, you need to know the diversification of your gym. Find out what kind of people mostly visit your fitness center. Then focus on finding your ideal customer to make acquisition easier. So, for your ease, we are going to discuss the kinds of those people who, most of the time, are a part of a gym. Furthermore, we will go through strategies you can use to acquire them.

1. People Obsessed with Selfie

Girl Obsessed with Selfie

Their sole purpose in coming to a gym is to capture their workout. You can easily find them taking mirror selfies in gym outfits. But you want to retain them by fulfilling the purpose of making them healthy.

So, don’t give up on them because a rational approach is enough to retain them. The only thing you have to do is take advantage of their selfie obsession. Include them in various fitness challenges of a gym that includes taking pictures. For example, make them participate in a challenge like eating healthy for six months. Instruct them to post regular selfies using a hashtag in the gym. This kind of strategy will bring two excellent outcomes for you which are:

  • You will be able to retain them with a simple effort successfully.
  • The excessive use of hashtags will promote your business.

2. Yogis

Yoga has become massively popular around the world. Almost 90% of people prefer yoga to gain flexibility and other health benefits. It’s easy to identify them because you always find them practicing yoga moves.

The most effective strategy to attract them is to offer Pilates or yoga classes. There is no need to be worried about a big setup. Only a few shelves and yoga mats are enough to acquire them.

3. Socializer


Socializers are those who enjoy interacting with others at the gym. Even if you use earphones, you can easily hear them talking to others. They are more interested in sharing their stories with others than working out. You can hear them gossiping about a person who never cleans up. Or why they have to cancel their current vacation tour. You can also use the term “social butterflies” for such people. You can rarely find them doing a workout; their primary purpose is to chit-chat with others.

To retain these, the idea of gym events works best. Because it allows members to interact and clients to learn what a fitness center offers. It’s a beautiful approach to strengthening the fitness sector’s community. Additionally, increase client retention and the chance of attracting new consumers.

Is your gym currently offering group fitness classes? If not, then take this step immediately. Because it is a very convenient method of retaining such clients. They get a chance to interact with different people through group classes. So they will never think of leaving your business.

4. Individuals Who Ask Many Questions

Individuals Who Ask Many Questions

These are the ones who always keep trainers busy with them. They have a curious mindset and question everything. I always wanted to know the impact a specific exercise has on their health. Sometimes, that person also asks stupid questions. Asking a lot of questions sometimes irritate trainers or people around him.

The best way to retain that kind of person is to offer them a fitness class. In that way, they will get a personal trainer who will always be there to answer questions. No one in your gym will get annoyed because of the habit of asking too many questions. Furthermore, getting personalized attention will always keep them motivated.

5. Workout Partners

This term refers to the fittest couple present at the gym. Most of the time, they seem aimlessly roaming around the gym. They find difficulty in finding equipment that meets the needs of both. You must offer a relaxing environment for a workout.

While introducing classes, always keep into account the interest of your audience. To acquire them, it’s best to offer them yoga, salsa dance, circuits, or swimming. They are some of those activities which couples usually enjoy together.

6. New Entrants

New Entrants

They are the ones who first-time visit the gym and feel alone among other gym members. You can quickly identify them by a puzzled look or a terrified face. It might be possible that they have someone to accompany them. The new entrants, most of the time, misuse gym equipment. Furthermore, they feel shy in asking for help from their surroundings. If someone offers them help, they usually don’t accept it easily.

If you have to retain such clients, introductory training works best. Additionally, appoint a personal trainer to assist them in meeting their goals. They will be pleased to have an assistance of a personal trainer. Especially in their first few months at the fitness center.

7. Demotivated Individuals

They are the ones who don’t enjoy doing a workout. They always need constant support and motivation from their surroundings. I always love to create a mess of small things. We usually see them dragged by their friends or family members. They prefer to start from the lowest level of reps of any exercise. Doing those reps seems like climbing a mountain to them.

Don’t let such people do workouts alone. Make them a part of group classes by letting them know effective reasons to join group workouts. As a result, the people around them are a constant source of inspiration. Whenever they feel like a loser, group members support them in focusing on their fitness routine.

Another option is to offer them a service of a certified personal trainer. By understanding their needs, he will design an easy workout routine. Daily accountability helps them to know what they have achieved so far. A sense of achievement will not let them quit their fitness goals.

8. Grunter


The bodybuilder category of people present at the gym is commonly known as grunters. They always make grunting noises while pulling weights. These are those weights that most people in the gym have dreamed of lifting. But their noise causes discomfort for those doing a workout in their surroundings. Moreover, if you come across there is a significant risk of getting injured. They are very open about their efforts to succeed in their workout.

Even though these kinds of people are annoying to others. But still, there is an approach that you can use to retain them. All you can do is allocate a specific distance between each piece of equipment. Therefore, others will not get disturbed because of the noise of the grunters. Additionally, there will be no possibility of injury for others.

9. Highly Competitive Individuals

Highly Competitive Individuals

These are the ones who don’t like to be a part of friendly competition. They have the desire to compete against everyone present at the gym. Whenever they compete, they always want to win that competition. Taking part in challenges keeps them alive because they make the best use of their abilities.

So, to acquire them, a gym must constantly introduce various kinds of fitness challenges. This will not only encourage them to make themselves better than before. But also internally motivates them to stick with your business. The introduction of quantifiable fitness challenges ideas gets your team moving. Also, it highlights the improvement which these individuals have made so far. Furthermore, it indicates which areas still need concentration.

Organizing a competition uses a gym’s app or social media to attract more members. Also, it is an ideal strategy to attract those who love friendly competition.

10. Sluggish Individuals

Sluggish Individuals

They are the people who need a chance to avoid a workout. It’s straightforward to detect such people at the fitness center. You can see them working out, but they don’t know what they are doing. Their sole purpose is to eliminate the workout as soon as possible.

If you have identified them, it’s best to step in as a fitness expert. To motivate them, start with general fitness instruction. Another option can be the creation of a lazy person’s exercise plan.  When they start enjoying doing a workout, they won’t think of leaving your fitness facility.

In a Nutshell

The personalities described above will very probably be found at the gym. All you have to do is pay attention to what’s happening around you. You must identify your target audience further. Because you have to do thorough research on the needs of a specific kind of individual. You must provide a convincing case to your members to return to your gym. It will keep the potential audience on the right track.

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